Rinse France | Sylvere’s lightning strikes twice in June

In June, Sylvere was even more prominent than usual in the Rinse France studios in the 11th arrondissement of Paris. And visibly so – because his monthly mix, recorded on the 20th of June, was filmed live on the radio’s social networks, after which Sylvere was back in the spotlight and back in the booth a mere few days later for a b2b with his colleague Tina Tornade. The pair were invited by DJ Paloma Colombe who gave the duo a chance to shine while she was away, both caught on camera broadcasting live on Facebook, here.

Over the two sessions, Sylvere took us to school with a masterclass on “How to demolish the bass-bins of the Rinse France studio in three steps”.

With this aim in mind, the Frenchman first opted for the gentle method and began by applying a warm balm of dancehall mixed with pressurised dub at a light BPM direct to the temples of his listeners/spectators. Once the smooth take-off was underway, Sylvere didn’t hesitate to pick up the pace and quickly reach his goal: Mach 1 to travel at speed of sound for the rest of the journey. Jordanian producer and Hessle Audio rising star Toumba‘s brilliant “Rashash” has all the hallmarks needed to keep up with the cadence set by the Parisian producer, taking his mix into a new dimension where hard-drum bangers are king.

And sometimes the transitions are as easy as pie. This is certainly the case when a new unreleased track unveiled incognito by Sylvere and soon to be released on Monkeytown, is accompanied by the dance steps and confident smile of someone who knows he’s got a banger on his hard drive. From Denham Audio‘s NRG goes-hard “Top Buzz”, to Jeremy P Caulfield‘s deep, bewitching techno and his latest track “Night Hammer”, via Dig-it‘s feverish pupil-dilator & devastating kicks ‘Conditions’, Sylvere administered one after another the coups de grâce until the end of his demonstration. What’s done is done.

In his shared-hour with Tina Tornade on the evening of Tuesday the 27th, Sylvere’s mode of action was much the same: first-up, funky dancehall music box sounds with Otik‘s track “Summer Ghost”, then an unreleased track we can’t talk about yet, and finally Pluralist‘s uncontrollable, bursting percussion on “Aspersion” that locks the listener into a numbing hellish loop.

Listen now to Sylvere’s June deliveries for Rinse France, here and here.

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