Sylvere remixes ‘Asile Sauvage’ by French producer Toh Imago

In January, French producer Toh Imago released his second album Refuge on the Paris and Berlin-based label InFiné Music. Three months later, on 28.04, his Refuge Remixes EP will follow hot on the heels of its predecessor, and that’s where Sylvere comes in.

After his remix of MORE LOVE released on EVEN MORE D4TA, the Parisian producer deconstructs Toh Imago’s Asile Sauvage with, at first, bewitching layers and then, as usual, a feverish bass overload and the sound of a mad electrocardiogram – a deeply imaginative take on the original that points to the heart and soul Slyvere put into his remixes.

On Refuge Remixes, Sylvere signs his second remix of the year and delivers his dose of club-oriented music with another subject-matter expert, Shed, also present on the EP.

Toh Imago – ‘Refuge Remixes
Release Date: 28.04.2022
1/ Monde Intérieur (Shed Remix)
2/ Asile Sauvage (Sylvere Remix)
3/ Cité Peupleraie (DJ Nobu Remix)
4/ Chiffchaff (To Van Kao Remix)
© InFiné Music