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As an independent label and provider of electronic music, Monkeytown is aware of the financially volatile ecosystem in which it operates. Music as a product is primarily consumed via streaming and its gargantuan platforms benefit to few only – not optimal for guaranteeing artists a fair return. Bandcamp is an exception and remains one of the fairest B2C online music providers. As everyone knows, sales can be by the track or by the album (streaming or physical) and can include merchandising – when something is purchased on Bandcamp, the platform allows artists and producers to receive 82% of the amount paid. 

In this philosophy of direct support, the Buy Music Club site (developed by producer Avalon Emerson, Jason Fellows and Shawn Reynaldo) use the magnifying glass to emphasize the role of Bandcamp and reminds us, right from its name, that the best way to sustain our environment (artists, producers, labels and consumers) is to buy music. Buy Music Club allows you to build and share tracklists of all kinds and to redirect the user to Bandcamp where one can buy it and, in fact, significantly support the artist.
Some projects on Bandcamp offer the possibility to “name a price”, which means that there is no minimum but that you can also transfer a colossal five-figure sum to an artist.
In any case, this system of viable mutuality through the lists also contributes to simply introducing said tracks to a chosen audience. Anyone wanting to go back to the source via the platform is encouraged to do so. 

From today onwards and on a weekly basis, find Monkeytown on Buy Music Club and check out the various tracklists from the Monkeytown Staff Picks and Modeselektor Track ID, updated weekly and monthly respectively.

Many of these are also available at your favorite independent digital and physical retailers – these are also a vital part of the ecosystem, spread your support! 

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