SSPB025 | “Obelisk” by Bell Curve is out now!

Bell Curve just released her latest EP ‘Obelisk’ on our club counterpart Seilscheibenpfeiler. ⁠

With singles ‘Bassline Conga’ and Toumba’s kinetic flip of ‘Staircase’, Bell Curve has beefed up her armour plating with powerful materials and comes in at full speed with ‘Obelisk’, which doesn’t pass the metal detectors but rams home the point. Experience SSPB025, where Bell Curve’s kaleidoscopic music pushes from the club out into the cosmos.

Throughout Obelisk, Bell Curve demonstrates her masterful command of tension and release, locking listeners into hypnotic rhythmic coils that build to feverish pitch before opening out into celestial expanses. The EP captures a constant push and pull between emotional states – from anxiety and melancholy to joy and euphoria, working through turmoil to find transcendence.

Bell Curve
digital & 12″ limited black vinyl
Listen / buy it now, here.