Nikki Nair and DJ ADHD kick off the SSPB season at full speed

An Atlanta – London connection behind Seilscheibenpfeiler’s 21st opus.
After having already collaborated earlier this year on the alienating bouncing “Rips”, Nikki Nair and DJ ADHD unite their skills and announce their joint project Golden Monkey on SSPB.

Nikki Nair and DJ ADHD have risen to global attention recently for being some of the most vital purveyors of bone-breaking and mind-bending dancefloor sonics the world has to offer right now. As expected, their first collaborative EP is no exception: effortlessly pulling from jungle, techno, footwork, hardcore and grime, it’s an ecstatic, fast-paced adventure into the bass continuum.

Their first joint track on Seilscheibenpfeiler is available and is called “Whaa”. An onomatopoeia repeated like a leitmotiv in the middle of a decidedly UK-centric banger. The sound takes a new turn when, after a few fractions of his distorted vocals, London MC Logan’s verse kicks the already overheated track into high gear and hits Grime momentum.

SSPB is relaunching actively this year, with a string of adventurous, club-focused releases from exciting producers around the world.

Nikki Nair & DJ ADHD
Golden Monkey EP – Preorder and listen here
Out 24.11.2022 digital & 12’’