SSPB | Bell Curve announces ‘Obelisk’ and drops 1st single ‘Bassline Conga’

Delighted to announce that Bell Curve’s debut EP for SSPB ‘Obelisk’ will be released on July 28th. The first single ‘Bassline Conga’ is available on all streaming platforms and the limited 12” is up for pre-order now.

‘Obelisk’ was conceived as a deep dive into a specific aspect of Bell Curve’s soundworld, focusing on more minimalist, psychedelic sonics. While much of the material was written over the course of several years – sketches developed alongside Bell Curve’s recent hyper-kinetic releases, the EP finally coalesced during a particularly prolific 6 months in the last year. Stripping pieces back to skeletal rhythmic architectures and exploring slower BPMs, Bell Curve opened up space for transcendence, avoiding the allure of breakdowns and drops to instead use subtle gestures to guide pieces to ecstatic peaks.

Listen to ‘Bassline Conga’, a delirious formula devised by the New York producer, who juxtaposes catalytic snares with frenzied conga percussion throughout the track. The track’s hypnotic vocal hook “You know what it is / yeah” weaves in and out like spells whispered in the ear, shifting the already pervasive rite-like atmosphere into an extra-dimensional and bewitching tesseractic space. 

Bell Curve
Out 28.07.2023 digital & vinyl
Listen & pre-save here.