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Horizon and vision.
At the beginning of 2022, the Monkeytown Staff Picks, a selection of tracks established by Monkeytown HQ, was revamped and relaunched. Since then, every Monday is important to subscribers, the day the playlist is updated each week. A dozen or so heterogeneous tracks, recent as well as unearthed from a distant era, unknown or forever classics, are added on a weekly basis.

Simultaneously, Monkeytown founders Modeselektor have been among the few electronic music producers & DJs with their own Track ID playlist on Spotify since last summer. Assembled by Gernot and Szary once a month, the Track ID playlist allows the Berlin duo’s followers to know what’s coming into the ears of the two producers each month without leaving them. It can also slightly indicate the colour of some future sets…

Finally, updated with each new release stamped by our label, the Monkeytown Release Radar playlist serves as a reminder and archive for those who prefer to consume everything in one go rather than album by album and who are musically oriented by time. All the LPs, EPs and mixtapes released in recent years are included.

These different playlists symbolise the DNA of Monkeytown from the inside and connect the audience emotionally to various sources, sometimes even to the primary, the one that gives a glimpse of new perspectives where certain ideas and projets are born.

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Monkeytown Staff Picks

➠ Modeselektor’s track IDs

Monkeytown Release Radar