Siriusmo “ZEIT” EP

Time is like a drug, we just can’t get enough of it, a wise man once wrote. Life would be much easier if we just had a bit more of it, wouldn’t. it? A wise man himself, Siriusmo understands our needs and wishes everyone of us some extra time on „Ego“, the opening track of his new EP Zeit.

He obviously spent his time well since the release of his third album Comic in 2017. The five new tracks of the EP, including a short outro that sounds like the countdown of computerized hourglass, bounce in all directions of his stylistic spectrum, lost in melody as ever, but this time preferring some seriously stepping rhythms. „Dur zu Moll“ is a throwback to dubstep’s spacious power, though its robotic vocals and dramatic synths lead the track to a genuinely weird and beautiful place. „Kirn“ is more dreamy, seemingly borrowing its retrosuperfuturistic melodies from a lost Yellow Magic Orchestra tape. „Superfx“ is another heavy stepper, fleshed out by countless effects, gags and gimmicks that pop in and out of the track. There’s even an organ in it! You can always rely on Siriusmo’s effortless virtuosity, creativity and sly humor. Spending time with Zeit is time spent well, that’s for sure.

Vinyl, stream & download HERE