‘Silence Itself Is Noise’ by NVST is finally out!

After the release of two club-juggernauts that roughed up the dancefloor this winter, we’re ecstatic to finally share with you unmissable Swiss DJ and producer NVST’s debut for SSPB in its entirety, with ‘Silence Itself Is Noise‘ out everywhere today.

Silence Itself Is Noise provides a concise and thrilling distillation of her eclectic sound world and strafing club sets, perfectly reflecting the power of the title with expansive atmospheres haunted by skittering echoes of the dancefloor. Throughout, NVST acts as a spiritual guide through collaged imagery and sonics that shift on a knife-edge without ever shattering the trance. Each track feels like fleeting memories of the club filtered through the human experience – flickering moments illuminated by strobes and shrouded in smoke, laced with the tang of sweat and psychedelics.

It’s a truly stunning collection of tracks that stays true to its title – making potent use of space and silence to amp up the pressure. We’re still only in January and yet this is undoubtedly going to be one of the year’s most thrilling and unexpected dance music releases – we’re calling it now.

Silence Itself Is Noise
digital & 12″ limited black vinyl