Modeselektor – Spiderweb Monkey


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If you are currently standing face to face with this t-shirt it is probably because you are trapped in our web.
Unlike our friends the spiders, we’re not going to immobilize you until we’re able to eat you, we’re just going to wait patiently for you to buy this t-shirt… We have plenty of time.
You should also know that in South America there are small monkeys called “spider monkeys” and that the resemblance to the design on this t-shirt is not too far off. If you’re wearing this t-shirt, which features the historic Modeselektor emblem, you’ll be among those who know. We thank you for our primate friends.

Back in stock – available again for the first time since 2012!
Unisex. 100% cotton of organic nature, 150 g/m2