Rinse France | The story between SSPB and Tufi begins this Saturday at 9PM

This Saturday, January 20th at 9:00 PM CET, the airwaves will confront Argentina’s formidable diffraction virtuoso, Tufi, marking another pivotal moment in the dance music scene and continuing properly the SSPB saga on Rinse France. Sonic backflip enthusiasts will recall Tufi’s prowess in his remix of “despierta” by fellow Argentinian artist Catnapp, remembering that tempo, bass, and genre variations —foreign concepts to Tufi’s music— are elements securely tucked in his pocket and that he effortlessly juggles them at any given moment, scattering them at will, with the elegance of gesture as his only constant.

Immerse yourself in a journey against time, against genres with an absolutely legendary final third that definitely serves to tip the start of the weekend into a smashing dimension.

Live on Rinse France at 21:00 and from Sunday onwards in podcast form at any time on Rinse France’s Soundcloud, here.