Rinse FM: follow Sylvere’s monthly night shift

When he’s not on showcase or touring all over Europe, as he is currently doing with Moderat, one might think that Sylvere leads a quiet life in the Paris region, working on his music and discovering new restaurants.
This is probably true, but it conceals one of Sylvere’s great passions: smashing down the walls of Rinse France’s studio.
Once a month, at nightfall, the Parisian goes to his friends’ radio station in the 11th arrondissement of Paris, locks himself in the studio and plays a new mix for about an hour, learnedly prepared for the occasion. The typical formula of LA CRÉOLE’s resident takes care of the decibels and everything that goes with it.

From now on, listen to every episode of this consenting and appreciated night-time disturbance on Monkeytown.

Episode of 18.10.
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