50WEAPONS036 | Released: 2014-05-23

Benjamin Damage - Up / Acid Bath


Benjamin Damage - Up
Benjamin Damage - Acid Bath
Benjamin Damage - Splash

General Infos

Benjamin Damage is back.

His new EP on 50weapons features 3 banging clubtracks, some made with his newly aquired analogue TB 303 like the stunning ravy ‘Acid Bath’. It is a feast for techno lovers with its hommage to the bleepy sounds from the golden era of the 90ies.

Far from being retro in any way, the kick-heavy but well rounded sounds are Dancefloor fillers meant for the club prime time. Following his celebrated remix of Alan Fitzpatricks ‘Confessions of a wanted man’ this E.P. has Benjamin head further into techno territory leaving his UK Bass past only dimly recognizable in the bouncing euophoria of the lead melody’s arpeggio on ‘UP’ the first track on the record. Aside from this ‘Up’ is a straight hit that is guaranteed to bring the hands ‘Up’ (pun intended) on the floor.

This EP is surely going to find it´s way into tons of record bags over summer as it is strong enough to speak to huge festival crowds.

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