50WEAPONS050 | Released: 2015-12-18

Modeselektor - Trees (feat. Paul St. Hilaire) / 50 Trees


Modeselektor, Paul St. Hilaire - Trees
Modeselektor - 50 Trees

General Infos

Who else but MODESELEKTOR, the label founder, should hammer the last nail into the coffin of 50WEAPONS? Their return to the 12″ format for the first time in years sums up what 50WEAPONS was about: One one hand abstract, dubbed out and experimental, on the other hand banging, bass heavy and without any regard for so called “trends”.

Paul St Hilaire aka Tikiman joins Bronsert and Szary on their farewell bid, providing Dub-Techno slow-burner “Trees” with the spirit of Jah.
The flipside “50Trees” is an ambient/dub leaning excursion into the deep end of MDSLKTR’s minds – but don’t think of it as non-dancefloor material: In the hands of skilled DJs this can be just as much of a weapon as its beat driven counterpart.