50WEAPONSRMX10 | Released: 2014-03-21

Bambounou - Take It Out On Me – French Fries Remix / Ignition – Laurent Garnier Remix

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Bambounou, French Fries - Take It Out On Me - French Fries Remix
Bambounou, Laurent Garnier - Ignition - Laurent Garnier Remix

12" Infos

A1: Take It Out On Me - French Fries Remix

A2: Ignition - Laurent Garnier Remix

General Infos

The 50WEAPONSRMX10 EP let’s Bambounou’s heady minimal original “Ignition“ shine in new glamour.

Garnier, the pioneer of the French techno scene himself called Bambounou the official successor and now steps up to provide a lush dubby techhouse track that strictly aims at the big room to expand the accesibility of Bambounou’s name to new territories. This track is a dancefloor guarantee for the clubs worldwide.

Cleverly the Garnier remix is met by French Fries’ version of “Ignition“, an austere stunner of the minimalist approach so typical for the new french sound, which he and his best buddie Bambounou have made so popular in the last 2 years. The French Fries remix is a modern day answer to the seriousness of techno as an undergound vehicle in the early days of its existence, which is exactly the point of time Garnier made his first tracks.

The 2 remixes couldn’t be more different and they couldn’t fit together better, each on their own representing an important facette of the label’s catalogue and 50WEAPONS’ stunning ability to pair the sounds of now with the flavour of it’s heritage.

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