MTR038 | Released: 2014-01-10

Mouse on Mars - Spezmodia EP

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Mouse On Mars - Bakerman Is Breaking Bad
Mouse On Mars - Cream Theme
Mouse On Mars - Spezmodia
Mouse On Mars - Migmy
Mouse On Mars - I See Dizzy

General Infos

With ’Spezmodia’ the sound terrorists Mouse on Mars release their first ’digital only’ EP.
Five Happy Hardcore inspired, Gabba reminding club tracks aim to push both listeners and dancers their limits and reflect what you experience at a Mouse on Mars’ live show:
an extremly high energy level, no time to breath and breaks and twists close to an epileptic collapse.

The sound is still very own Mouse on Mars‘. In their garden of digital sound synthesis the two professors with neon jelly bag caps dig for fresh vegetables, using self-build software like their iPhone app ’Wretchup’.

The first track ’Bakerman Is Breaking Bad’ features a brilliant, merciless hook line that consists of 3 bass notes only. Drilled up to 145 bpm this is a direct entry into the roller coaster waiting for you on the way to the scaffold.
At the end of a ride through dark tunnels the listener awaits the rather harmonic ’Cream Theme’ where elegant Footstep Twists interloop with enchanting high tempo Rave themes.
’Migmy’ is an alternative version of a track that you find on Mouse on Mars‘ ’Wretchdubbed’ CD-R. A rather dark D’n’B track with mysterious voices and a hypnotic hookline.
The main title of the EP is ’Spezmodia’, a Glitch-hymne that allows no escape from the dancefloor.
Final destination is ’I see Dizzy’, a hommage to stoic rock beats with pitched vocals and unsettling gestures that finishes at its climax.

20 Minutes of pure psychedelic music.


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