MTRXCR001DNL | Released: 2015-02-13

Howling - Signs

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Howling - Signs

General Infos

“There are moments you sit at a piano in the middle of a beautiful studio tucked into the fields of central England. You’re staring at a 400 year old tree and a castle and you can’t stop thinking about putting a kick drum behind the raw piano, to juxtapose the intimacy of it all. You sing through the desk Frank Sinatra used and the lyrics you wrote at 4am the night before, something about heart pourings and tantric texts, pour from your mouth into old ribbon microphones. You tuck it all away on a hard drive, and only open a computer in a tour van somewhere in germany weeks later. You listen again. And you tinker. And move pieces around. You close it again, and question what your doing with it at all. You re-open a laptop by a lake near switzerland, not slept enough from tour, but suddenly you realise it is beautiful. You’re just far enough away from it, to really look at it, like the mountains across the lake. And you can appreciate the makings, not just from your own hands, but from the journey you took in getting there. Us, and the song. Signs”

– Ry X & Frank.

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