50WEAPONSRMX04 | Released: 2013-06-21

Modeselektor & Sound Pellegrino Thermal Team - Negativity – Bambounou Remix


Modeselektor, Sound Pellegrino Thermal Team - Negativity
Modeselektor, Sound Pellegrino Thermal Team, Bambounou - Negativity - Bambounou Remix

General Infos

In the past years Modeselektor, who have just released their first ever documentary “We Are Modeselektor” on DVD and BluRay, have worked several times with their French friends Cedric and Teki. Back in the day when they were still part of the hip hop group TTC and now again as the Sound Pellegrino Thermal Team.

“Negativity” premiered exclusively on the “Sound Pellegrino presents SND.PE Vol.1” label showcase compilation released on June 17, 2013.

Now, just shortly after, you can also grab the original on vinyl, paired with a fresh and previously unreleased Remix by one of Paris´ hottest shooting stars: Bambounou.