MTR122S3 | Released: 2022-04-01

Moderat - MORE LOVE


Moderat - More Love

General Infos

A luminescent slice of electronic pop, MORE LOVE is a celebration of life and the third single from the upcoming fourth Moderat-album MORE D4TA. Palpably warm and bathed in lush static, the song is partly inspired by Botticelli’s Venus; a stark painting situated across from his iconic The Birth of Venus at Berlin’s ​​Gemäldegalerie, it depicts the radiant goddess standing completely alone, naked and newly arrived in the world. It’s a potent image, and as vocalist Sascha Ring — who frequently visited the museum over the past two years — swirled it around in his mind, he began to dream up a similar vision of a woman dancing alone at night, her inner vitality lighting up the merciless dark.

As for the music, like most of the songs on MORE D4TA, also MORE LOVE was born out of experimentation, as Moderat literally spent months diving into their modular rig and exploring the outer reaches of their sound. The track’s glittering arpeggios emerged from that process, as did the soaring Weltraumschrott (translation: “space junk”) that takes flight during the song’s evocative (and Vocoder-drenched) chorus. Much like the woman from Ring’s imagination, MORE LOVE is beaming with light, and there’s no dampening its inherent glow.

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