MTR121 | Released: 2021-12-17

Modeselektor - MAD feat. FLOHIO

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Modeselektor, FLOHIO - MAD

General Infos

Modeselektor present another collaboration with UK-Rapper FLOHIO. The Berlin duo teamed up once again with „Rap’s Sonic Revolutionary“ (Mixmag) for the track MAD.

The song was originally created during the recording sessions for the Extended-mixtape, but the band felt the track was too original to bury it in-between the mixtape. MAD is a peak-time-anthem, a thrilling mix between UK Bass and HipHop that has written Rave allover. “It’s a mad thing“ as FLOHIO songs.

MAD will get released digitally on December 17 to conclude the Extended-saga, which consist of the Extended-mixtape, the EPs Mean Friend, Social Distancing and Dating is in China as well as the album EXTLP.

MAD will be featured on the LP Missed Opportunities, only available digitally on Bandcamp and part of the already sold out EXTLP-Vinyl-Box-Set.

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