MTR105 | Released: 2019-11-06

R.O.S.H. - Luxembourg 2443: House of Daedalus

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R.O.S.H. - Rithik Chandra - Atal
R.O.S.H. - Overflown - When Our Eyes Speak at Night
R.O.S.H. - Sw4rmCLAN - Becoming You
R.O.S.H. - HHydr88 - Matter of Time

General Infos

R.O.S.H. Presents: Luxembourg 2443: House of Daedalus is the last of two EPs on Monkeytown Records that, in conjunction with their radio plays of the same name, explore the hypothetical, satire drenched future of humanity.

Earlier this year R.O.S.H. was jettisoned into the absurdist future of the previously land locked state of Luxembourg to the year 2443. Now he returns to the 21st century to reveal his experiences traversing the halls of two competing super clubs, fighting for entertainment dominance of the worlds party-going elite. In this second chapter of R.O.S.H. Presents: Luxembourg 2443 we take a sordid peak at the entertainment industrial complex that is the House of Daedalus – a sprawling concrete mass of totalitarian rationalist architecture.

After the catastrophic events at the end Club Prayala, R.O.S.H. must escape his pursuers – two uncharacteristically bloody thirsty financial ombudspersons that are hell bent on seeing him taken into custody where the 25th century version of ‘enhanced interrogation’ awaits. Filled with a combination of highly suspect advice and sheer desperation, he flees to the House of Daedalus.

Inside, a hellish unfinished maze of identically sized rooms, stairwells and pipes greet all who enter. Thousands of dancefloors, hotels, bars, indoor gardens, abandoned esports facilities and restaurants fill the web of confusion – some residents roam around endlessly attempting to find an exit but most accept their fate and find a new life deep within the structure.

R.O.S.H.’s twisted tale through the House of Daedalus is a spin cycle of secretive sub-cultures, out of touch club promoters and overtly massive cleaning apparatus. It’s after navigating these nightmares of myopic architectural design that R.O.S.H. emerged with a selection of 4 heavy hitters that best represent the future sound of the House of Daedalus.

The artists encountered on this adventure include; the gifted and innovative chemist, Rithik Chandra; the ‘mixed media’ portrait painter, Overflown; the ex-counterstrike esport champions,
Sw4rmCLAN, and finally HHydr88, the classical watch maker, intent on taking time back to its quartz roots.

Artwork made in collaboration with the exceptional illustrator Violet Tong. A New York based artist and UX designer hailing from Beijing.

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