MTR104 | Released: 2019-10-09

R.O.S.H. - Luxembourg 2443: Club Prayala

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R.O.S.H. - RoughLinerz - Pump
R.O.S.H. - Osimodo Von Uro - Get in the Groove
R.O.S.H. - 555555 - Keep It Loopy - Keep It Simple Mix
R.O.S.H. - HaleeB3 Corp - Block Block

General Infos

R.O.S.H. Presents: Luxembourg 2443: Club Prayala is the first of two EPs on Monkeytown Records that, in conjunction with their radio plays of the same name, explore the hypothetical, satire drenched future of humanity.

Earlier this year R.O.S.H. was jettisoned into the absurdist future of the previously land locked state of Luxembourg to the year 2443. Now he returns to the 21st century to reveal his experiences traversing the halls of two competing super clubs, fighting for entertainment dominance of the worlds party-going elite. In this first installment of R.O.S.H. Presents: Luxembourg 2443 we take a glimpse of the inner workings of Club Prayala – a devastatingly tall spire that dwarfs all known feats of 21st century architecture.

Upon clearing the credit check turnstiles, a single occupancy pod briefs you on the rules of the micro-society within as you’re shot straight up, onto the practically unending dance floor. But that’s just the start. Further exploration reveals gelato stands, future drugs and a crushing realization that the building is designed entirely around the enforcement of social and wealth hierarchies.

R.O.S.H.’s journey up the diamond-tipped golden tower is a story of love, debt enforcement and financial super computing AI. It’s after surviving these trials of credit worthiness that R.O.S.H. emerged with a collection of 4 choice tracks that best represent the future sound of Club Prayala.

The artists encountered on this adventure include; the ultra wealthy alternative AI engineer, 555555; the astral obsessed mixologist, Osimodo Von Uro; The runaway only child of an international energy conglomerate owner, HaleeB3 Corp; and lastly RoughLinerz, the energetic rave duo trying to keep happy hardcore relevant after it fell out of favor for the 4th time in as many centuries.

Artwork made in collaboration with the exceptional illustrator Violet Tong. A New York based artist and UX designer hailing from Beijing.

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