MTR061 | Released: 2015-11-06

Robot Koch - Hypermoment

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Robot Koch, Curtain Blue, Delhia De France - Circles
Robot Koch, Stephen Henderson - Dreams
Robot Koch, Malte Beckenbach - Kalimba
Robot Koch - Serenade
Robot Koch, Julien Marchal - Eclipse
Robot Koch, Fassine - Spine
Robot Koch, Mree - Separated
Robot Koch - Fernwood
Robot Koch, Delhia De France - Dark Waves
Robot Koch, Schwarzmodul - Night Drive
Robot Koch, Julien Marchal - Care

CD Infos

Digipak CD with UV varnish

1. Circles feat. Curtain Blue and Delhia de France
2. Dreams feat. Stephen Henderson
3. Kalimba feat. Malte Beckenbach
4. Serenade
5. Eclipse feat. Julien Marchal
6. Spine feat. Fassine
7. Separated feat. Mree
8. Fernwood
9. Dark Waves feat. Delhia de France
10. Night Drive feat. schwarzmodul
11. Care feat. Julien Marchal

General Infos

“I’ve come to think that the universe is a four-dimensional site in which nothing is changing and nothing is moving. The only thing that is moving along the time axis is our consciousness. The past is still there, the future has always been here. Every moment that has existed or will ever exist is all part of this giant hyper-moment of space time.” Alan Moore – June 2011

This quote was running through Robot Koch’s head as re-located to LA from Berlin. After spending the last 15 years in the German capital, and being spurred on by seismic shifts in both his private and working life, being in a different place, culture, and society brought on the thought that while our conscious mind moves along, the past, present and future all co-exist. This formed the basis, concept and, idea behind his new album Hypermoment.

After taking a break from releasing albums to relocate to LA and rediscover himself, Robot Koch returns with his first new album in 4 year, his first on Modeselektors hallowed Monkeytown imprint, and follow up his EP Tsuki.

Hypermoment, while retaining Robot’s much loved hallmark’s, is a true evolution of his sound and style. Driving deeper into more intimate territory with swathes of warm, saturated, analog sounds, real world field recordings, and lush pianos and soundscapes, this is the first of any of Robot’s works to feature his own voice (as can be heard on Care, Serenade and Fernwood). The field recordings were captured along Robot’s nomadic writing trips to New York, Berlin, the infamous Joshua Tree in California, as well as his new home base of Silver Lake in Los Angeles, where he was constantly writing and re-writing the tracks to fit in with the basis and ethos of the album.

The album features some familiar faces from Robot’s world, LA based schwarzmodul who features on his previous Tsuki EP makes an appearance, as well as Delhia de France from his recent California Dreamin’ collaboration (which was used on the trailer for Warner Bros’ summer blockbuster San Andreas), who is also from the band the Pentatones, who Robot produced and album for in 2014. Robot has also brought through some of his favourite new emerging artists such as the UK’s Fassine (featuring on Spine), and Mree from NYC (featuring on Separated), as well as California based Stephen Henderson (Dreams).

While being Robot’s most rounded work, Hypermoment is also his most personal to date, dealing break ups, culture clashes, and transitions, it optimises Alan Moore’ quote which so heavily informed it. While the past is there to be learnt from, and the future will always be with us, our consciousness will continue to move forward.

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