50WEAPONSCD12 | Released: 2013-02-22

Benjamin Damage - Heliosphere

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Benjamin Damage - Laika
Benjamin Damage - 010x
Benjamin Damage - Delirium Tremens
Benjamin Damage - Extrusion
Benjamin Damage - Together
Benjamin Damage - Spirals
Benjamin Damage - End Days
Benjamin Damage - Light Year
Benjamin Damage - Swarm
Benjamin Damage - Heliopause

CD Infos

01. Laika
02. 010x
03. Delirium Tremens
04. Extrusion
05. Together
06. Spirals
07. End Days
08. Light Year
09. Swarm
10. Heliopause

General Infos

With Benjamin Damage presenting his second album, it is easy to forget that he has only been releasing records since 2010. His first single with Venom was already a big underground club anthem in the UK. This track named “Deeper” caught the attention of Modeselektor and became an instant classic in their Dj sets. Not much later Benjamin had his first track released on a 50WEAPONS split 10inch. With “Creeper”, a collaboration with his old Swansea buddie Doc Daneeka, Benjamin delivered another dancefloor destroyer released on 50WEAPONS in early 2011.

Only 2 years after his first track was released, Benjamin presented his first album “They!Live”, once again produced with Doc Daneeka. The duo used some Modeselektor recording off time and produced the album in a period of 6-8 weeks at Modeselektor´s studio in Berlin. The trip to Berlin definitely had an influence on the sound of the album that successfully merged UK and Berlin styles. Everyone at 50WEAPONS knew immediately that the album was something very special. Sonic gold dust if you like. The record was album of the month in De:Bug magazine (Germany,) DJ Mag (UK), The Independent (UK), K Mag (UK) and got brilliant reviews in many other magazines and online media around the globe. Soon after their temporary stay both artists decided to move to Berlin.

After 2 years of mainly collaborative work, the time was right for Benjamin to focus on some solo activities. He did a few remixes for Sizzar, Data Romance and others, followed by a strong techno single named “Swarm / Headache”, released in October 2012 on 50WEAPONS.

The longplayer “Heliosphere” is a Sonic Sci-Fi Techno reminiscence of not just early Plaid, Black Dog Productions, Boards of Canada or Luke Slater´s 7th Plain project, but also Dancefloor classics by the likes of Surgeon, Regis, Dave Clarke or Jeff Mills who knew how to keep a crowd entertained. “Heliosphere” brings back the flavor of 1994 in a contemporary way.

“Heliosphere” is equally straight and beautiful. You’ll find ear-catching murkier tracks, merciless bangers and beautiful soundscapes ranging from melodic to dark. Rough and sweet, all at once.

“Heliosphere” is dance music with conviction.

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