50WEAPONSXTR05 | Released: 2015-09-18

FJAAK - Gewerbe 15 / Rush

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FJAAK - Gewerbe 15
FJAAK - Rush

12" Infos

FJAAK "Gewerbe 15 / Rush" / 12inch Vinyl (50WEAPONSXTR05)

General Infos

Here it is: 50WEAPONSXTR05, another heavy hitting 2 tracker by the three young guns hailing from Spandau.

Gewerbe 15 is a primetime sure shot initiating a broken kickdrum which eventually makes way for a pummeling 4/4 beat which is bound to shake the walls of any club. The track takes its title from the Gewerbe (German for commercial space) where the boys have spent the years leading up to their 50WEAPONS signing. Here, at 15 square meters spanning a living space and a studio for three people, the first two FJAAK EPs for 50WEAPONS had seen the light of day.

Track 2 entitled Rush sees FJAAK play with a much more house-oriented approach to a peaktime track. A rock hard and distorted kickdrum, piercing hi-hats and a soaring ride are paired with almost jersey-esque, shuffling chords that will work any sweaty club just as much as a breezy open air.

FJAAK go hard and we’re pretty sure we will hear this record being played on repeat by the big house and techno DJs and all their hungry followers alike. KILLER!

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