MTR009 | Released: 2011-01-14

Siriusmo - Feromonikon / Signal

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Siriusmo - Feromonikon
Siriusmo - Signal

General Infos

Boys Noize, Mr. Oizo, 2 Many Djs/Soulwax, Yelle, Cassius and many more big names of the electronic music world repeatedly name Siriusmo the most talented producer of electronic music. „High Together“ can be called a classic hit and his remixes for Gossip, Scissor Sisters and various others have turned dancefloors worldwide into places of ecstatic mayhem.

Just recently Siriusmo has joined the Modeselektion tour dates of his friends and supporters Modeselektor and – overcoming his serious stage fright – has been a true highlight of the night.

Now it’s finally time for the overdue debut album „Mosaik“ to be released on February 25!

6 weeks upfront Modeselektor’s Monkeytown Records imprint presents the album pre-single „Feromonikon / Signal“, a yet again surprising showcase of Siriusmo’s stylistic diversity.

Not necessarily known as a techno producer, „Feromonikon / Signal“ shows Moritz Friedrich, aka Siriusmo, flexing his muscles. Adrenergic „Feromonikon“ slightly reminds us of the best moments of Alter Ego rave anthems, paired with Warp-esque sound elements and those typical Siriusmo trademarks.

„Signal“ is not far from the melodic catchiness of „Berlin Calling“ megaseller Paul Kalkbrenner.

Both tracks complement each other perfectly, with the uncompromising peaktime monster on side A and the more subtle early morning sureshot „Signal“ on the B side.

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