50WEAPONSXTR03 | Released: 2014-11-14

Bambounou - Feel Like This / Onto This

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Bambounou - Feel Like This
Bambounou - Onto This

12" Infos

Bambounou "Feel Like This / Onto This" / 12" vinyl (50WEAPONSXTR03)

General Infos

50WEAPONS proudly presents two stripped back club tracks by Bambounou, our main man for dancefloor euphoria. Watch him drop both of the tracks in his Boiler Room set in Paris in September 2013 and you’ll understand what we mean. YouTube commenters have since been all over these tracks.

“Feel Like This“ is built around a hypnotizing vocal sample with hi hats sharp enough to cut a hole right through your braincells to activate your dance-nerves. Leaving your synapses to the mercy of the pounding kick drum which is fat enough to get everyone in the room moving.

“Onto This“ sees Bambounou unleash his talents in a very NY-esque way, with those sharp skippy hats that are definitely drawing on UK garage and one of the grooviest organs we’ve heard since “Kaoz on King Street”.
Both tracks will definitely reap lots of support, from Panorama Bar to the beaches of Croatia and back to Paris.

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