MTR122S1 | Released: 2022-02-11

Moderat - Fast Land


Moderat - Fast Land

General Infos

More than six years have passed since the last MODERAT-album III (described by Pitchfork as „a must-hear for sensitive electronic-soul lovers“) was released. After storming the charts all over the world and playing a sold-out-homecoming-show in Berlin in front of 17.000 people in 2017, the band went on a hiatus.

And now MODERAT is back.

The first single FAST LAND from the forthcoming fourth album MORE D4TA (set for release on May 13, 2022) will be released on February 11, 2022 – the first new music by the band since 2016.

After not having seen each other for more than two years, Apparat a.k.a. Sascha Ring and Modeselektor a.k.a. Gernot Bronsert and Sebastian Szary, went back into the studio and created an album that isn’t necessarily dance music, but it is something that shines brightest in the dark of the night.

FAST LAND sets the mood for what is coming with MORE D4TA – MODERATs very own unique sound world, a place where emotive pop and fluttering electronic soundscapes walk hand in hand.

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