MAS 21.08 | Released: 2015-03-03

Michael Fakesch - Exchange Green

  • EP
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EP Infos

Green Vinyl 12"

incl. Remixes for Raz Ohara, Towa Tei, Von Südenfed

A1: Raz Ohara - "The Burning Desire" (Fakesch remix)
A2: Towa Tei - "Taste Of You" (feat Taprikk Sweezee - Fakesch remix)
A3: Hecq - "Streeltongued" (Fakesch remix)

B1: Von Sudenfed - "The Rhinohead" (Fakesch remix)
B2: Hexstatic - "Freak Me" (feat B+ - Fakesch remix)
B3: Kidjanevil - "Black Bug" (feat Taprikk Sweezee - Fakesch remix)

General Infos

E.P., green Vinyl (MAS 21.08)