MTR122S2 | Released: 2022-03-11

Moderat - EASY PREY


Moderat - Easy Prey

General Infos

EASY PREY, the second single from the upcoming fourth Moderat-album MORE D4TA (scheduled for release on May 13), is out now.

Quite possibly the most emotionally naked track on the MORE D4TA album, the glowing electronic pop of EASY PREY showcases Moderat at their best, conveying the most personal of feelings with grand melodic gestures. Flanked by warm pads and fluttering synths, it’s vocalist Sascha Ring who leads the track’s moonlit ascent, his tender, melancholic voice wafting through the night air.

Although most of the songs on MORE D4TA explore universal themes, EASY PREY tells a more personal story. The only track on the album whose lyrics were written before the recording process began, it contemplates the relationship between love and independence, lamenting how vulnerable we become when the balance between the two tips too far towards the former. It’s a fraught tale, albeit a beautiful one, and a song where inner turmoil truly takes flight.

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