MTR109 | Released: 2020-05-15

Catnapp - Damage

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Catnapp - Damage
Catnapp - Destroy What I Am
Catnapp - Vamp
Catnapp - Slow feat. IXXF (2020 Version)
Catnapp - Hate Hate feat. IXXF
Catnapp - Weapon

General Infos

Catnapp is back with a new EP. Its title “Damage” already suggests that the Berlin-based artist is continuing to explore themes that lie between the physical and emotional, the bodily and mental sphere.

Almost a year since her debut album “Break” and following up her hardcore cover of Limp Bizkit’s “Full Nelson”, her music sounds as thrilling as ever. With these new tracks, Catnapp bridges the gap from old-school breakcore to futuristic present-day rap like few would even dare to.


The theme of the EP investigates the urge to deconstruct ourselves in order to see what we are made of, maybe even change our inside and put ourselves back together. In this sense, damaging yourself can be the first step of a healing process.

“Damage”, the single of the same title, dives deep into storytelling in the form of trying to untangle complex emotions. It’s about relationships that are simultaneously toxic and vital, about power and self-confidence. It asks how much we can adjust to other people’s needs without destroying our essence. A whirlwind of breakbeats is an apt translation of this inner struggle.

“Vamp” and “Hate x lxxf” complete the EP in typical Catnapp fashion, upfront, and with all force unleashed. There’s some sweet and yearning synth work embedded between those huge kick drums and hissing snares, which subtly adds a new facet to her typically fierce sound.

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