50WEAPONS043 | Released: 2015-10-30

Addison Groove & Errorsmith - Allaby / Airbag

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Addison Groove - Allaby
Errorsmith - Airbag

12" Infos

Addison Groove / Errorsmith "Allaby / Airbag" / 12inch heavy Vinyl (180g) (50WEAPONS043)

General Infos

The new 50WEAPONS messes with the straight jackets of its antecedent’s techno vibes. But despite the jacked up juke of Addison Groove’s signature sound, he delivers quite a 4/4 version of his sometimes more seriously broken beat. His ‘Allaby’ sounds like he simply needed an excuse to dance. And it sure is and will be for anybody – no matter what corner of electronic clubmusic you come from. Rattling juke claps, a bouncy kick and cut up shout outs will get you hyped right away. The rest is easy, given the fresh, lighthearted touch of the whole track, its precise arrangement and its superb feeling for the right timing. This is DJ-tool, highlight and energy refresher at the same time. A very variable track, DJ’s and Clubkids will love to geth their hands on.

So let’s skip to Errorsmith: The man is a menace II the soundsystem. His intricate structures always come crowned with the crispest, finest, bestest and bassiest sound designs you can imagine. There’s nothing Errorsmith cannot do. You want the baddest bass? He’s got it. You want the meanest synth? He’s got it. You want the hardest kickdrum? He’s got it. This track certainly went through the school of hard knox, where it got kicked out for too much talent. Imagine a lurky, wobbly monster with no tags applied. And if you’d try to nail it, you’d fail. Errorsmith ain’t dubstep, IDM, bass music or industrial he’s just over the top – he’s the man himself. Brace yourself and go buy that airbag before this tune is gonna roll you over.

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