R.O.S.H. Presents: Luxembourg 2443: “House of Daedalus” EP

After the catastrophic events at the end Club Prayala, R.O.S.H. must escape his pursuers – two uncharacteristically bloody thirsty financial ombudspersons that are hell bent on seeing him taken into custody where the 25th century version of ‘enhanced interrogation’ awaits. Filled with a combination of highly suspect advice and sheer desperation, he flees to the House of Daedalus.

The artists encountered on this adventure include; the gifted and innovative chemist, Rithik Chandra; the ‘mixed media’ portrait painter, Overflown; the ex-counterstrike esport champions, Sw4rmCLAN, and finally HHydr88, the classical watch maker, intent on taking time back to its quartz roots.

It’s after navigating these nightmares of myopic architectural design that R.O.S.H. emerged with a selection of 4 heavy hitters that best represent the future sound of the House of Daedalus.

Stream & download: HERE

Artwork made in collaboration with the exceptional illustrator Violet Tong. A New York based artist and UX designer hailing from Beijing. @violetblue.art