Peder Mannerfelt wields his trident on the destructive ‘Town Crier’

Peder Mannerfelt ravages the black sky of the night clubs. Releasing 3 versions of ‘Town Crier‘ – the original mix and two remixes sharpened to cut into the flesh by hero Nikki Nair and Kai Campos (1/2 of Mount Kimbie) – the Swede bewitches and raises everything to the 3rd power.

The original track  exemplifies techno in its most relentless form, stripping away any remaining lucidity and taking over the entire space, alienating and enticing in equal measure, an inescapable call summoning dancers to move to the sound of sawtooth waves set by a diabolical LFO.

‘Town Crier’ turns into a muscular Cerberus with the addition of two takes from Kai Campos and Nikki Nair. The latter keeps the heavy structure of the original track and outbids with a sequence of squeals and hums writhing around the Atlanta producer’s heavy bass anchor. Kai Campos’ remix is darker and more sober, diving into a thick fog where the modular system of the British producer illuminates the track like an ectoplasm traversing the depths with its sharp and ricocheting bumps.

Listen to Peder Mannerfelt – Town Crier (Nikki. Nair Remix) and order it on Bandcamp.