Nucleus accumbens – Szary

In the head of a music lover, listening to music that is enjoyed increases the level of dopamine, the neurotransmitter that causes pleasure. This is only possible because there is an area in the brain called the nucleus accumbens which acts as an interface between expectations and musical memory. This area links the different information dictated by our tastes and offers us a sense of reward. Basically, if the nucleus accumbens kicks in, it means that the expectations have been met or exceeded. 

Each month, a Monkeytown artist will open his nucleus accumbens and share five tracks straight out of his recent musical expectations, memories and tastes.
Szary goes first. Five personal tracks commented on and offered by a man who feels them in one way, his own. The very substance.

Discover the selection of Szary’s five favorite tracks of the moment, with justifications and comments.

1/ Galya Bisengalieva – Barsa-Kelmes (Actress-Remix)
Szary: “The name Barsa-Kelmes refers to a non-existent island in the almost non-existent Aral Sea in Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan.The music seems heavy, destroyed and beautiful at the same time. It reflects a kind of man-made natural disaster.
What remains is the music of Galya Bisengalieva, translated/interpreted… in the Actress Remix.”

2/ Kali Malone – Sacer Profanare
This track by Kali Malone has already appeared on her album “The Sacrificial Code” in 2019. To indulge in ‘Safer Profane’, I would recommend special concentration and a good environment, preferably with headphones and not too loud.
The song seduces with its slow pace and the fine chords of a pipe organ, devoid of accessories and effects.”

3/ DJ Plead – „RT2“ – Relentless Trills
“DJ Plead has contributed to numerous EPs (AD93, Livity Sound, Decisions and Boomkat Editions) and lots of very well curated compilations over the past few years. His sound accurately reflects his different origins (Lebanese, Australian, Swiss and Berlin) and his country of origin in a minimalist way.”

4/ GCOM – XO Transmission #1
“Tom Middleton aka GCOM aka Global Communication aka e621 aka Schizophrenia aka etc etc offers us with his new album E2-XO a new way of thinking beyond the current planetary borders.”

5/ Normani – Wild Side (KAYTRANADA Remix) ft. KAYTRANADA
“This excellent Kaytranada remix of Normani’s “Wild Side” is great for hula hoop, no joke – trust me, the track has absolutely the perfect speed for it!”