Nucleus accumbens – Sylvere

Sylvere’s haircut is unique and a pure gem for all anatomists and neurobiologists.
The split between the top and the sides of his skull gives the impression that his head could open in two like a box and that something precious could be hidden inside. A brain for instance.
It’s as if Sylvere had deliberately drawn the cut line of his skull for the pleasure of all the musical dissectors who will read this article, or of Anthony Hopkins as Hannibal in the dinner scene where he ends up making Ray Liotta eat his own brain…

As Sylvere trusts us, it is by this ultra precise operation and without any anesthesia that we will access his brain for a moment. Once out of its box, the exploration towards the Nucleus Accumbens begins, the interface where musical tastes meet memories.

The author of EP1 and EP2 has just returned from his holidays in Thailand and in the continuity of his Nucleus Accumbens we’ll be able to understand even better what’s going on in his head this Saturday, September 3rd on the Parkbühne Wuhlheide stage in Berlin, opening for Moderat.

Discover the selection of Sylvere’s five favorite tracks of the moment, with justifications and comments.

1/ Breaka –  Dololo (feat. Kamohelo)
Sylvere: “Breaka surprised us all with his new EP.
I recently had the chance to see him play a 100% Amapiano set a few days ago in London, and I was blown away. His track Dololo from his new EP didn’t leave me indifferent either. I love how easy it is for the English to rethink emerging styles in their own way, it’s often very well done, this track is a perfect example.

2/ Otik – Channeler
Sylvere: “I love Otik’s music so much. 
It’s no exaggeration to say that every release is amazing. And his latest one follows this line. The track Channeler is the perfect hit to spend a nice summer. It’s powerful and nostalgic. It’s a summer hit with a lot of taste!

3/ Skream – Floral
Sylvere: “A bit in the same style as the previous selection, but this time produced by the legend Skream. He delivers a divine atmospheric breakbeat track. The vocals are immediately heady.

4/ Radio Hell – Radio Hell
Sylvere: “12 minutes of hypnotic Techno, yes! Every time these two icons of electronic music join forces, it’s to do great things! I can listen to this track over and over.

5/ Wrack – Hakka oil
Sylvere: “Gqom was born in South Africa, but if it were to have another home, I think it would be Japan! I really like Wrack and the way he approaches Gqom. Special mention to the track Hakka oil, last track of his new EP.