Nucleus accumbens – Gernot

If one could plug into Gernot‘s brain (1/2 of Modeselektor) and see a sharp projection of it on a big screen, it would probably look like a huge circuit board.
Each electronic link would correlate to the countless musical streams that have entered Gernot’s brain over the years and together form his influences.
More than 25 years of musical memory in his cortical data storage. And so far, even with a highly exploited and often boiling brain, after about twenty published projects, nothing has spilled over.
Gernot’s neurotransmitters are on the lookout for every musical electric shock – fortunately conductor – and send them to his nucleus accumbens, the interface where satisfaction is triggered if the memory matches musical expectations.
This time it was Gernot who agreed to open up his skull, for science, the purists and the curious, and he is the one who speaks best about his trepanning:

Ok, peeps, I have procrastinated this one, but here it is now. I am listening to newer and older music and am writing about it for you.
I feel like a music editor from a music magazine. I am in a funky mood, in need for a bit of warmth and sun. We’re going on tour soon, luckily to Australia, where it’s definitely warmer than over here.
have fun,

Discover Gernot’s favorite tracks of the moment, with context and comments.

1/Fatima Al Qadiri & Gumar – Mojik (Your Waves)
Gernot: “This song has impressed me a bunch with its aesthetics and gentle force. In my opinion, insufficient attention is being given to the fusion between Arab music and the world of electronic music. Fatima Al Qadiri has conjured a wonderfully minimal sounding EP with her friend Gumar a traditionally trained vocalist from Kuwait. The EP will come out on Hyperdub by the beginning of March.

2/ Ancient Methods – Guided By The Force Of Compassion
Gernot: “Ok, I have to tell you that this track has been visiting me as a regularly recurring catchy tune since 2015. I can’t tell you why, but this track is stubbornly trapped in my matrix and just doesn’t leave it any more. I used to work together with Michael Wollenhaupt aka “Ancient Methods” at Hardwax (an infamous record store) in Berlin and have always liked his love for Industrial with a sex appeal. “Guided by the force of compassion” is a timeless, good, mighty Industrial catchy tune.

3/ Yushh – Same Same
Gernot: “Wisdom Teeth is one of my most favorite labels from one of my favorite musical cities, Bristol in the UK. Yushh, head of the “Pressure Dome” label and Bristol’s local herione, has made a truly great record with this EP… I have to admit… “Same Same” is my favorite of the 4 tracks and has captivated me with its “housy” appeal. Everything fits somehow in a low-key manner.

4/ Meemo Comma – Cloudscape
Gernot: “The “Cloudscape EP” by Meemo Comma is a pre-EP of the coming album “Loverboy”, which will be released on Planet Mu. I like the trancey pad, the choirboy vocals and the Breakbeat Hardcore idea. Furthermore, there’s a Max Tundra and a U-Ziq remix. This soothes me somehow.

5/ Avalon Emerson – Sandrail Silhouette
Gernot: “I didn’t chose this song, because I love it so much, but because I very much admire Avalon’s courage to whip out a track like that, just like that. 
The 90’s style video is also wonderfully terribly beautiful, and the whole indie romanic somehow as well as the voice… Everything feels so impressively weird, especially when you know her previous DJsets and productions. I think it’s great, if artists really (radically) just do what they feel like doing every once in a while.

6/ Nikki Nair & DJ ADHD – Golden Monkey
Gernot: “Finally self-promotion. At least for our own label SSPB aka Seilscheibenpfeiler. The Golden Monkey EP brings happiness. This much I can already say. The protagonists Nikki Nair from the US and his mate DJ ADHD from the UK are practicing international understanding here on the highest level! 
Please listen loud and best case a bit wasted.. Have fun raving hard!

7/ Robert Hood – H-Formula
Gernot: “Ok, let’s be honest. Robert Hood is something like a crazy, sick, but at the same time security and safety oozing father figure. 
On the one side he’s somehow a kind of ganster techno-grandpa – whom you admire, but you’re also a bit afraid of, and on the other side, he’s a serious techno producer. One of the founding fathers – a living legend. 
You definitely don’t want to mess things up with him. So I’ll be a bit more careful with my choice of words here. I am a huge Robert Hood fan and believe, “H-Formula” is one of his rather unusual tracks. It’s already over 20 years old and crazily enough still sounds fresh and up to date and it makes my Modeselektor heart jump.
I’m just really into the Bass- and Machine-music. 
He just knows how it’s done and has, throughout the years of his long career, become his own genre. 
I bow down to “H-Formula“ and crank it up. (Very loudly)


Gernot will be touring with Moderat throughout 2023, tickets on sale here.
EVEN MORE D4TA, their remix album will be released on March 17. Pre-order here.