Nucleus accumbens – Catnapp

Having just released TRUST, a personal new album in which she confides more than usual, Catnapp continues to reveal herself by allowing us access to a decisive area of her brain that dictates the structure of her musical tastes: her nucleus accumbens.

In her video “time on me”, Ampi shows in the first few seconds, under her turquoise blue hair, the back of her skull covered with blood red letters forming the word TRUST. The dripping letters are easily reminiscent of the slimy, malleable shape filled with nerve connections that almost all of us have between our ears. Trust, the key element that Catnapp puts in our hands and which allows us without hesitation to dissect with the scalpel of curiosity the brain of the Argentine artist to discover her musical tastes, where her expectations and memories intersect. Far from the cats and the stuffed animals, but in the heart of the reactor, in the nucleus accumbens.

Discover the selection of Catnapp’s five favorite tracks of the moment, with justifications and comments.


1/ Diessa – Daughter
Catnapp: “Diessa blew me away with their whole EP ASCII FANTASY. Extremely refreshing unpredictable heavy breaks. Daughters is my favourite of the 5 tracks. Few things I enjoy more than being surprised by unexpected beat patterns and ambiences.”

2/ Bilmuri – Near
Catnapp: “Randomly playing my liked songs this one came along, and it was one of those happy surprise moments when I ask myself what the f is this and when did I add it? I love it. My brother had shared Near with me a long time ago, from his favourite band Bilmuri. I love a good melodic emo song that you can cry and scream to and that all that fills you with serotonin at the same time. Especially if I can later sing and play on the guitar. That’s exactly what I did when this one came along.”

3/ False Prpht – Wicked City
Catnapp: “The vocals do it for me in this song. Worth one session of Therapy. I met Warren when they came to perform at Trauma last year. Their show was extremely energizing, such as their songs. Wicked City is my favourite from them.”

4/ Von Bikräv – MFAZ
Catnapp: “Von Bikräv is a producer from Paris that never fails to help me start the day with the right energy with one of his tracks or gabber alarm clocks. What a better way to jump on the streets than listening to this track. Walking faster than everyone else for sure and probably with an “I am going to murder you face” that helps keep a clear path XD.”

5/ Lara91K – Cayendo
Catnapp: “This cover from Frank Ocean’s Cayendo from Lara91k is one of my favourite sweetest, most heartfelt and heartwarming ballads. I really like the raw live element to it. It was recorded for a live stream during the pandemic in Buenos Aires, Argentina.”