New single by AASTHMA is dancefloor gold: “We Will Never Change”

Earworm Alert! AASTHMA just released the new single “We Will Never Change”, a dancefloor-hymn par excellence, combining the quintessence of Pop and Dance Music. Check out the track here.

Pär Grindvik and Peder Mannerfelt share some personal insights on the track:

“”We Will Never Change” started with Pär playing around with a groove, he wanted to capture the timing of a Basement Jaxx track he had heard that morning. With the drums rolling he stumbled upon a timeless melody line that feels both euphoric and groundbreaking. It has a quality that makes it be able to go on forever and ever and ever. Something that illustrated our paths and journeys in our lives and careers, signaling that this is what we’ve been working towards our whole life. Everything leading up to this moment. 
He sent the sketch to Peder who immediately felt the spark, got carried away and recoded about 25 tracks of harmonies to go with the melody. Peder called Pär up and played the chords and muted the rest of the track and the breakdown / midsection was born. It comes as a counterpoint to the endless cycle of the melody and beat. A little breather before everything comes roaring back in again. 
A lot of times we rerecord and dub our synths during the production process but in “We Will Never Change” we choose to keep the original takes. Most of the melodies and harmonies were from vst’s. So to make them sound more like a band and natural we re-recorded them through miced-up guitar amps and other outboards. The blend of sound makes it feel both like the past and present together. 
During the mixing process together with Johannes Berglund, we pushed ourselves, Johannes, and the whole track to the brink of collapsing on itself. We spurred each other on adding layer upon layer of harmony and distortion but never losing track of the initial melody and the feeling of euphoria we were chasing. When the bass in the last part of the track kicks in we wanted the feel of a guitarist jumping on to the distortion pedal and overdrive the whole track. With Johannes help we managed to keep the track’s dynamic while the bass is completely obliterating everything that comes in its path. 
“We Will Never Change” has come to represent the curious spark of our collaborative exploration and our drive to push things further out into the stratosphere.”

Picture by Marcus Palmqvist