Modeselektor release new track ‘Kalif Storch’

Just in time for the upcoming barbecue season, we took the time to tranpose a German classic into sound: The ‘Thüringer Rostbratwurst’. It turned out to be a musical piece from which you‘d love to have a bite straight from the middle. For most non German speaking people it’s pretty hard to pronounce ‘Thüringer Rostbratwurst’, so we thought we’d just call it “Kalif Storch”. An hommage to the club that carries the same name and is most likely the best thing in Thüringen, next to the Rostbratwurst.

Things to do in Thuringia: have a delicious Rostbratwurst and visit Kalif Storch. Following a memorable gig there, Modeselektor brought the vibe of the Erfurt club back to their studio and immediately churned out a track. „Kalif Storch“ is an homage to the club’s spirit, and the first original track from the Berlin duo since 2015. It sits at the heart of the soon to be released Modeselektion Vol. 04 compilation and teases their next album with meaty and sizzling techno, just in time for barbecue season. The boys are back in full attack mode.

Listen to Modeselektor’s new track ‘Kalif Storch’ now HERE or pre-order the limited edition vinyl box set now HEREexclusively available via the Monkeytown Records webshop.

Modeselektion Tour continues…

Next stops are Offenbach, New York, Los Angeles and Berlin – all info and tickets HERE.