Modeselektor drop new album and film

“Extended”, the new album by Modeselektor, is out now. It’s a 27-track-mixtape and the DNA of a lot more to come. There are a couple of EPs that will get announced soon and each will focus on a different track from “Extended” with guest vocals, remixes and alternative versions. But that’s not all. “Work”, a 60-minutes-long-film that centers around the radical performance by otherworldly US-dancer Corey Scott-Gilbert to the music of “Extended”, is available to watch here.

“Work” is a powerful statement, a hypnotic experiment, a somatic experience and a masterfully performed and filmed interpretation of “Extended”. It was directed by visual artist Krsn Brasko under the creative direction by Tobias Staab and features costumes by Blanka Flávio Juán Nuñez and Laurent Tijou.


Another routine, left in the cyclic movements of an eternal return. Waking up. Getting clean. Getting dressed. Stumbling. Falling. Standing up again. Spinning around in circles. Spinning around one’s self. Erecting statues. Collapsing statues. Sweating. Screaming. Praying. Dying. Waking up again …

All the movements and gestures are precisely predetermined. Many times they have already been done, many more times they will happen. All that is left is the hope of a world behind the mirrors where all that is physical is transcended. The hope of escaping the relentless spiral at some point.

The metamorphoses that lead there and the efforts that are required seem eternal. And finally, when all the forms will have passed through and all battles will have been fought, then the work begins anew. The end is the beginning is the end is the..

„Created in an unforgiving year, “Work” became a refuge, a place to find solace from the outside world. The inescapable thump of Modeselektor’s “Extended” left me embodying mundane tasks so intensely that not only did these tasks become important but their original purpose was forgotten, the “doing” more significant than any result. I rediscovered the intention of simple tasks to create my reality without regard to any past. I structured “Work” in a way that asks the performer not to “perform”, but to drench themselves in a state of process. By fully embodying each task I find myself in a minefield of emotion. “Work” is an exorcism of boredom in both its creation and in its practice. One will undoubtedly reflect and feel different from before it all began…. again and again… from a lonely pew.“ (Corey Scott-Gilbert, April 2021)

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Images © Birgit Kaulfuss