Mixmag: Get to Know Catnapp

Catnapp shares thoughts surrounding the release of “Break” on @Monkeytown Records, her love of metal and her Argentinian roots.

“When she’s not in Berlin, she’s back home in Argentina, fighting against the country’s injustices. “In Argentina, there are repressions and huge fights to make abortion legal,” she explains. “It’s really sad to see so many in the community fighting or still struggling against the rest of the world; being discriminated against, segregated, insulted or hurt.“ Her debut album on Monkeytown, ‘Break’, released last month, it sees her pioneer a raw hybrid of metal-influenced rave on fiercely direct tracks like ‘Fight For A Fight’ (sample lyric: “You think you’re tearing up these bitches/you don’t know who we are”).

Full interview with Leah Jade Connolly on Mixmag August issue.