Mahne Frame’s EP ‘I gave my legs to a snake’ is out now!

Mahne Frame’s mind-bogglingly beautiful EP ‘I gave my legs to a snake‘ is finally out today.

The six-track EP opens the doors to an isolated DIY realm, of which Frame is the only one holding the keys. Each track is a portal into a genre-bending experience where Frame masterfully crafts unique haunting atmospheres, unconventional soundscapes and a sense of sonic pioneering.

The cryptic and introspective lyrics add a layer of intrigue. Frame’s voice, with the irony and humor of the disenchanter who remains true to himself, often allows soft, reassuring melodies to shine through. Taking control over organic beats, manipulating them to speed up, slow down, or break up, he packages his entire sound into an unclassifiable sonic jewel that encapsulates the purest essence of his work so far.

Stream everywhere and get the limited black 12” pressing here.