Mahne Frame shares the video for new single “FLAWED”

In this poignant, deeply personal track, Mahne Frame seeks balance on his guitar’s resonant strings between vulnerability and resilience, self-care and the pursuit of personal satisfaction. It beautifully weaves a patchwork tapestry from frayed emotions, navigating the complexities of relationships and the struggle to resist falling into patterns that might compromise his authenticity, while equally grappling with always wanting more in a world that often demands excess. 

Set against a sparse backdrop and opening with a tremolo that gently reveals the tantalizing notes and contours of the track, the stripped-down musical arrangement complements the intimate nature of the lyrics, allowing the artist’s emotions to unfold in a pure and unfiltered manner. Frame’s performance style further enhances the song’s emotional impact, with a vocal delivery that is both haunting and sincere. 

It’s a melodic embrace of shared sentiments, broiling human emotions laid bare with moving vulnerability. Stream the track and watch the video.