Listen to ‘Orange’ produced by Catnapp, Jinka & recovery girl

Last Friday, Romanian deconstructed-club artist Jinka unveiled her new track ‘Orange‘ – a three-way collaboration with Ohio hyperpop-via-drum-and-bass innovator Galen Tipton aka recovery girl and Catnapp. Taking a verse each, supplemented by a heady chorus, the trio  offer a playful ode to desire and peeling.

Catnapp, as usual, scatters pointillism high-pitched autotuned notes throughout, amidst frothing bursts of synth bubbles, her otherworldly vocals pointing the way to an explosive take-off on the chorus, stardust more than starship.

‘Orange’ appears in constant flux, mixing melodic patterns that shift from cute to aggressive, fully distorting at the end of the track, with recovery girl’s nasal voice anchoring an eruption into a fast pop trip and euphoric jungle.

Listen to 🍊 now on all platforms.