Introducing Mahne Frame | Monkeytown’s new signing releases “WALK LIKE”

This is Mahne Frame. Formerly based in Tokyo, the Australian returns as a hermit with his guitar to his hometown of Katoomba, dropping the genre-warping, blunted ballad of the year “WALK LIKE”, the first single off his upcoming  EP ‘I gave my legs to a snake’, due out 5 January 2024 on Monkeytown.

“WALK LIKE” takes full advantage of the extra room for self-reflection, ruminating on the irony of being an introvert, only to pursue a very public-facing career as a musician and performer. Frame’s trademark reverb frays at the edges of the track, throat singing, slacker vocals and rumbling drones dissolving into infinity – delivered with surprising nonchalance and wry, self-knowing humor. 

The video, directed by Mahne Frame, sets his warped instrumentation against a psychedelic collage of imagery – from Australia’s majestic Blue Mountains shot by drone, to one of Frame’s ostentatious sculptures, his own make-up and more. Together, the music and visuals coalesce to immerse the listener in an contemporary aussie folklore that has never felt so tangible and pregnant with meaning – creating a story where nothing is left to chance. Never tasted better.

Watch the video now, and pre-order ‘I gave my legs to a snake’.