Introducing: AASTHMA

Sweden has quite an impressive track record in exporting outstanding pop acts: First there was ABBA, then there were Ace of Bace and The Knife and now there is AASTHMA. The brainchild of renowned producers and long-term friends Pär Grindvik and Peder Mannerfelt combines technicolor maximalism with the trademark sheen of Scandinavian pop.

AASTHMA have just signed to Monkeytown and we are happy to share the first single. Find your favorite streaming/download service here. The track Arrival (Fast Forward Into Love) features a sample from The Creator by Aisha (produced by Mad Professor) and here is what Pär and Peder have to say about it:

What would our youth have been without the sounds, what would our future be without words. The music that Mad Professor and Aisha created inspired coming generations and gave birth to new genres. All of this inspired us to arrive at a new sound. Consider this a homage to the creators, a homage to our emotions.”

Stay tuned for more coming very soon…

Pic by Marcus Palmqvist