In May, Sylvere turned off the light of the Rinse France studio before setting fire to it

When Sylvere kicked off his weekly mix in the street Alphonse Baudin at the Rinse France studios at 21.00, taking the mic to announce that he’d be playing some of his exclusive tracks, every listener sat up straight…

These snippets were woven into a solid hour of music from the French producer, snuck in at key moments throughout the set. Sylvere likes to keep everyone guessing though, with the new tracks still enjoying anonymity thanks to an as-of-yet undisclosed tracklist.

Before these ephemeral appearances, Sylvere projects his set out to the American East Coast with ‘Babies’, the latest track from Taiwanese American DJ/producer JiaLing / BIG J, sampling the lyrics of DJ Isaac‘s classic ‘Face Down, Ass Up’, dipping it into his Baltimore Club sauce, which BIG J masters with as much ease as Scottie B. could have done a few years ago. This is followed by the kind of pure techno that Sylvere has become known for, interspersed with snaking UK Garage steppers like the heady, hypnotic ‘Zimba Frog’ (from BBB<3, TemeT) by Paris-based producer E-Unity, with its bassline that distorts until everything breaks.

Tuesday night’s hallucinogenic trip saw Sylvere in the role of the druid mixing brain-boiling potions, ending with one of 2021’s highlights ‘Wasp Of A Woman’ by Tapestry of Sound, the thunderous duo formed by Roza Terenzi and D. Tiffany.

Listen now to Sylvere’s May delivery.

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