“GO WITH GUT” 2nd single from KABEAUSHÉ’s forthcoming album is out today!

KABEAUSHÉ‘s latest single “GO WITH GUT” is out today. 

Opening with thunderous carnival-esque drums, KABEAUSHÉ offers a joyous, soulful and irresistibly catchy heater that speaks straight to the spirit. It’s a triumphant exaltation where walls are pushed back, sprayed with “move out the way”, and the entire room erupts as the track shifts from syncopated claps into a full-on frenzy.

Throughout, KABEAUSHÉ playfully shifts personas to suit the track as needed – going from MC officer-in-chief to pop hitmaker in a matter of seconds, their inimitable elegance the only constant.

Stream “GO WITH GUT”  and pre-order #HODLTABBBY (10.11).