FJAAK keep on banging

We haven’t covered FJAAK on here for a while, but the „Spandauer Techno Boyband“ has been smokingly active lately. In fact, if you took a look at their instagram you might not immediately notice that all club life currently halted for well known reasons. In their usual mixture of banging techno, funky energy and weed related humor they have been pumping out content like crazy. 

They played live sets at HÖR Berlin, CTM Festival and United We Stream to just name a few. Also they have started a series of charity releases called SYS, with tracks named after beloved techno institutions that are recieving all of the revenue earned by the sale of the records. For a glimpse at FJAAKs raw energy output take a look at their CTM Festival set with visuals by long time Monkeytown partner Pfadfinderei.